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SOFTBIZ is an independent software development and consulting company. SOFTBIZ, has developed a wide range of highly-scalable and flexible software solutions for apparel industries, engineers, school etc As a result, SOFTBIZ has extensive experience in software solution design, development, support and maintenance.

We as a professional software-development company is highly concerned with the quality of our solutions and services. Moreover, our team constantly works on developing and improving our service performance to satisfy our customers and maintain long-term cooperation with them. We offer cost-effective development services and solutions for customers with projects both small and medium

The main objective of the company is to provide market leading system utility software solutions to domestic customers, small and medium sized companies, and large enterprises. SOFTBIZ has become renowned with an excellent reputation for producing high quality software solutions.

With the encouragement and support of its wide ranging customer base, the software grew over the years into a complete and integrated business system. Today, SOFTBIZ offers all the necessary tools to control, manage and grow a company in today’s very competitive atmosphere.

From Payroll, to Manufacturing, to Supply Chain Management, to Customer Order Management and Distribution, SOFTBIZ is prepared to meet the challenges presented in today’s business world. Our PC based Windows system takes advantage of the newest software development techniques.

Products/Services We Offer Software Development, Website Design & Development, E-Commerce Websites, Templates, Web ads, Search Engine Optimization, CD Presentation, Database Solutions. Therefore it is possible for our Company to become your sole partner to do all the necessary work for you. In this case the only prerequisite for creating the final product is you supplying us with the initial specifications.

Industry Focus
Readymade & customize software solutions for the various segment like Manufacturing, Trading, Finance, and Sales Enforcement. Etc.

Years of Experience We are a highly professional company with over 10 years experience in the software industry, which enables us to resolve the complex requirements of our customers.

High Competence
We develop complete solutions incorporating the latest technology and also provide custom tailored solutions for clients. We supply qualified and unique technical support rapidly at all levels and provide a technical consultation service to resolve difficult problems.

Consistent Product Development
The development of our range of products does not stop if we believe that there are other important features that will benefit our customers. It is usual that when the Sales and Marketing Department is preparing to release a new version of a product, the Development Department is already researching new technology and creating enhancements for the next version. The latest product enhancements are always made available to our customers as soon as they are approved for release: several minor updates are usually released between major product versions.

Customer Care
We understand that the technology in the field that we specialise in can be difficult to use, therefore our company aspires to help and support customers to resolve their problems. If a user has a question or problem, they can contact the Support Service directly for a rapid and satisfactory solution


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