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ADEPT - Apparel Software - A system developed for apparel and Fashion industries..Consumer tastes shift faster than ever before, so to succeed in this fast-paced environment, fashion companies must quickly identify and exploit new trends and ensure they have the right collections in-store at the right time to meet the brand expectations of their target customer. If products aren't shipped in the right quantity or don't represent the latest trend, companies suffer from markdowns, returns and unsold product. It is crucial to make rapid adjustments to every aspect of a collection, and ensure the timely availability of winning products.

  • Adept is proven to meet the needs of the fashion industry. With the help of Adept Users can create, modify and decide on collection items, product managers and users can execute on targets and product directors and executives can assess and adjust overall execution, aligning it with business goals
  • What Adept can do for you ...
  • Reduced Administration Costs
  • Reduced Clerical Errors
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Reduced Garment Losses
  • Control costs more quickly and accurately, Reduced Excess Costs
  • Provide information to maintain production cycle at the optimum level
  • Fully customizable so you can make adjustment according to need.
  • Auto cross check entry system makes error free entry. There is no possibility to make a single fake entry.
  • Extremely easy to use. Enter a handful of inputs and get a tremendous amount of output.
  • Immediate on screen access to Production Orders and their progress.
  • Reduced WIP Stock Levels
  • On Screen Status of work in progress
  • User Friendly Payroll System
  • Adept's seamlessly integrated Payroll module makes payroll simple! This user-friendly module allows quick and easy creation of employee payroll records.
  • Our payroll system gives you the ability to consolidate multiple Settlements on one Payroll Record and prints out easy to read, detailed Pay Sheets to reduce employee confusion.
  • The Payroll module has complete reporting capabilities. his easy-to-use yet powerful module can drastically reduce the time and effort you currently spend on Payroll!
  • Highly Customizable Reports
  • Adept provides a variety of reports in standard formats, which can be scheduled according to demand. When you need information that is not in a standard report, you can create your own report through
  • Adept is fully compatible so you can use yourself to create analysis reports.An almost limitless number of analysis and comparison reports can be created,
  • Extensive Payment System
  • One of the best features of the Adept is payment module. it provide administrator facilities to make payment out sider dyer / printer, suppliers and job workers. On this screen you can choose how, when, and how much to pay an outside dyer / printer and job workers for any work.
  • You can also control how you view the information. Sort by invoice date, alphabetically by dyer/ printer and job workers. You can choose to view only for which you have received full payment, or filter to show just for a specific dyer / printer and job workers.
  • Adept's gives you the ability to keep track of your involvements with outside dyer / printer and job workers. Know what you owe them as well as what they owe you at a glance.
  • If you follow the payment module, it assures you that payment will be done only after completion of transaction not before it.
  • With the Adept, you have the ability to keep track of your in-house tailors information. The possibilities are endless!
  • In purchasing if you received goods against challan there are certain information will certainly missed by you i.e. freight, VAT, price, insurance etc. But payment module will ensure you that all information of bill related to goods update and you can obtain detailed report pertaining to VAT.
  • When you make payment against print order to dyer/printer, it assure you that all aspect pertaining to L-Short and Shrinkage short out completely.
  • Adept helps to make payment of tailors according to session define by you i.e. monthly, or weekly but it will adjust automatically all aspect relatining to tailors payment i.e. PF, ESI and advance payment etc. at the end of month.


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