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The Horizontal Curve is one of the most important element in designing the road for smooth and safe driving especially when the traffic in moving at high speed. SRD manage all the parameters of the horizontal curve and give the ability to user achieve the desired road design as per IRC (Indian Road Congress) code. User just has to consider abut the apex distance (Es) and rest of thing automatically managed by the SRD.


  • Both automatically and manual way to design horizontal curve.
  • Generate L-Section as per design showing all the information required for execution of work.
  • Automatically calculate camber/super elevation as per design.
  • Road widening as per design or user preference.
  • All the information directly transfers to road template.
  • User can manage design as per radius or as per speed.
  • Design data can be exported to total station, or detail of design exported into excel format for execution of work.
  • Road plan automatically transfer and adjust on the L-Section.
  • Automatically generate Road plan as per template detail.


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