SOLE Road Design Print

Roadway design criteria and technology is a rapidly changing field of civil engineering. In a road alignment changes in direction are often necessary due to restrictions imposed by topography, environmental and ecological qualities of areas, presence of monuments, sites of structure and other consideration such as available of land. For convenient, safe and pleasant travel on the road these directions have to be achieved by Horizontal & Vertical curve in the alignment. Implementing curve on the site require grater tool to support for. At that point user requires modern software to accomplish these tasks. SOLE Road Design (SRD) automatically generates both horizontal and vertical curve yet provide feature to achieve user desired value for the curve.

SOLE Canal Print

SOLE Canal is a comprehensive software for Canal to generate cross section, L-section and calculate quantity. It is used on template based approach, therefore user just have to specify the general detail of the canal and the project is competed with ease .User can design the new canal while SOLE Canal taking care of all essential parameters of canal. The quantity of canal also calculated at the time of execution of work or at the designed project.
The power full template editor has the entire feature that a canal may have. It includes general information like bed width, full supply depth, free board, dowel, canal bank, service road and custom inner and outer slope and other component like hearting, casing, COT, Concreting, CNS and etc

Nimble- Software for School Print

NimbleThe NIMBLE is highly interactive school administration software. "The NIMBLE” is a state-of-art. PC based, software technology solution for cost effective management of schools/educational institute.

It provides a complete market leading solution for the school's administration, from Students Records, Guardian Support, Scheduling, and Payroll etc. This software automates all the repetitive tasks performed by administrators on a day-to-day basis; entering attendance, recording discipline, enrolling new students, generating report cards and transcripts, and creating master and student timetables. The software is so flexible, expandable format is the same regardless of whether a school needs a single system in the school office or have a network for multiple users to share information.

A well-designed interface and comprehensive reporting options bring the information instantly to user's fingertips while sensitive data is protected by a multi-level password system

SOLE Professional Print

SOLE Professional is highly interactive survey and planning software, it is the only software that cover all the survey & planning requirement like contour, traverse, road design , route survey, topographical survey, revenue survey, mining, city survey, railways, canal, airfield runways, Pipeline etc. It is a completely new generation program that use modern programming tools and planning techniques. The modern code and the evolved structure of the program guarantee the development during time and the exploitation of each new technology which will become available in the future. A well-designed interface and comprehensive feature bring out the entire job instantly with some clicks.

Adept- Software for apparel and fashion industries Print

ADEPT - Apparel Software - A ystem developed for apparel and Fashion industries..Consumer tastes shift faster than ever before, so to succeed in this fast-paced environment, fashion companies must quickly identify and exploit new trends and ensure they have the right collections in-store at the right time to meet the brand expectations of their target customer. If products aren't shipped in the right quantity or don't represent the latest trend, companies suffer from markdowns, returns and unsold product. It is crucial to make rapid adjustments to every aspect of a collection, and ensure the timely availability of winning products.


Travel Soft Print

traval soft

TravelSoft is a fully integrated reservation, accounting and management information system specially designed for the tour operator market. It is modular in design, with simple user-friendly screens and extensive screen-based help facilities. Travelsoft has been designed using modern development tools. TravelSoft allows the tour operator to keep track of the component allocations against each date. Reports generated from the TravelSoft allows the tour operator to have clear picture of all his tours at all times, thus allowing better personnel and resource management


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